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Previously known, under several pseudonyms, for being the one behind “Kaos Grafix”, Kaotoxin is an independant blogger / designer / webmaster from Lille, Northern France. He is now in charge of Metaluna productions’ identity over the worldwide Web. Having worked for several clients, including many big (labels and bands) names of the underground metal scene as well as for the largest erotic fairs organisator in Europe (Eropolis) as designer, cover artist or webmaster, Kaotoxin has also worked for renewed corporate companies such as Lotus Cars. He’s now part of the Metaluna adventure. He nowadays is the webmaster for Metaluna Productions (of course!), Bones Brigade Records, Supuration and Spherical Unit Provided / SuP. He’s also working on establishing his own blog dedicated to all geeks around willing to known what’s going on here and on his other sites (for the technical aspect of things), filled with tutorials and articles. You can check his temporary personal portal at

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