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Jean-Pierre Putters became interested about fantasy and science-fiction at a very early age. After growing and writing from several fanzines in the early 70’s, he starts in 1972 his own magazine, Mad Movies, and then opens, in 1979, the movie store Movies 2000 in Paris. In 1982, Mad Movies becomes professional in order to cover the wide spectre of the actuality of a genre that is doing the best scores at the box office. In 1984, he creates the Festival du Super 8 & 16mm allowing young directors to get some exposure. In 1985, he creates another magazine in parallel to Mad Movies, Impact, this one being dedicated to action, thriller and adventure films. Still, he finds some time to appear in some indie films like “Time Demon” (1 & 2), “Mad Mutilator“, “Night of Vampyrmania“, etc… In 1991, Jean-Pierre publishes “Ze Craignos Monsters“, a fast sold-out gorgeous book that visits the majority of the main themes of fantastic cinema, looking for the cheasiest effect, the most incredible monster and the most demented poster possible. This first tome will be followed in 1995 by “Ze Craignos Monsters: le retour” and then in 1998 by “Ze Craignos Monsters: le re-retour“, both books being sold-out fast too. After some collaboration to several film collections on VHS and DVD, Jean-Pierre decides that it is time to start doing films as a producer. He joins his friend and long time Mad Movies reader Fabrice Lambot and they create Metaluna productions in 2005.


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