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Metaluna Productions was created in 2005 by two dedicated fans of the genre cinema, Jean-Pierre Putters and Fabrice Lambot. Their goal: produce indie genre feature films in a first step, destinated to the international market. The genre cinema in France being usually desdained, Fabrice and Jean-Pierre decide to go ahead with their own assets and a huge motivation in this adventure that they plan on a long term scale, gradually progressing towards bigger budgets.

A strategy is established, passing through the production of a short film, “Le Sang du Châtiment”, second short film directed by Fabrice Lambot, shot in 2005 for a budget of €15.000. At the same time, Metaluna productions develops a treatment for another ambitious short film, “Le PĂ©nitent”, in collaboration with a Parisian production company that in the end does not get the necessary fundings. This project will then be taken over by Fabrice and Jean Depelley as a treatment for a future feature film.

Then in 2006, Metaluna productions works on a another project, “Malou et l’Agneau”, adaptation of the screen of the eponym novel by Pascal Françaix, along with another French production company that gets away from the project during the development.

Still confident, Fabrice and Jean-Pierre contact, mid-2006, two Argentinian screenwriters to write an original screenplay for an indie feature film, from an idea by Fabrice and Uriel Barros, inspired by the Guarani legend of the Kurupi. The script will then be reworked and polished by Fabrice and his co-screenwriter Jean Depelley. “Dying God” was green lighted end of 2006 for a shooting that took place in april 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with an international cast starring Lance Henriksen, James Horan, Agathe de la Boulaye, Erin Brown, Enrique Liporace, Victoria Maurette…). With a budget of US$500,000, “Dying God”, shot in HD, is wrapped in 22 days. End of 2007, Spotlight pictures acquires the film for worldwide rights, except French speaking European countries currently negociated with another distributor.

Several projects, currently in the writing process, should see the light of day in 2008 and 2009. We’ll keep you updated!

We welcome scripts and projects proposal from directors and producers.

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